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Back to anti-paintball and the seriousness of airsoft!

Seriously, if I want to chew my mechboxes up to shit and burn out my motors by wasting 10,000 rounds in an afternoon in some sort of skirmish thats more akin to a computer game than real life, I'd rather do so with equipment that was designed for it. Yeah, I see a lot of that paintball wannabe crap on youtube, and sadly I see a lot of it going on here, too. When I play airsoft, I do so with a serious tone and behave as a real operator would, or at least as close as I can given the technical limitations of either my skills or equipment. Objectives are focused on, and all manner of proper movement, communications, etc are employed to win.

When I don't feel like doing all of that, I play paintball -- where I can loose $100 in paint in a day if I wanted and all I would need to do is thoroughly clean my marker afterwards. Paintball isn't all just running around shooting things! On the contrary, all shooting sports usually involve some form of communication between team mates, and some form of cohesive movement between them - I just find that given the nature of the markers (with an electronic hopper and electronic double trigger, ramping engaged) there's a heck of a lot more shit flying through the air than would be reasonable in an airsoft game. So, for those fun "skirmishes" the new people here seem so horny about, paintball is the way to go. And, as an added bonus, if you aren't as serious into airsoft as me, you'd save a lot of money by simply sticking to paintball. I don't mean this in a negative sense, so stop assuming I am intending it as such.

Simply stated, paintball is more suited to skirmishes than airsoft. When I say skirmish, I mean one team starts over there, and the other starts opposite them somewhere, and they clash at whatever pace they wish. In some instances, that could even be a "MILSIM" operation, but I'll leave it at that.

Anyway, when I pick up an airsoft weapon I enter my MILSIM mode, and I don't leave it until the day is over and we're shooting shit by the fire with cold beer in hand. More often than not, when I pick up a paintball marker the cold beer may still be in hand!

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