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HK retailer.

anyone ever buy stuff from him? some of his prices are better on certain stuff and he has tons of cool shit that i havent seen on RW or WGC. Especially the DD Replica! =O (chinese made but still...hawt!)

I had a bit of an "experience" with the guy. I basically filled up the basket witha bunch of shit to quote everything to see how much it would be with delivery and stuff aaaand I hit confirm. and it gave me a message along the lines of

"You will recieve a bill in your mail in X amount of days along with the shipping quote" Or something along like jaw dropped cas i had just basically ordered 900+$ worth of shit. However i sent him an email in mass panic saying "Im sorry! I fooked up i was just tryin to see a shippin quote!" he was kind enough to cancel the order and reply personally.

Speakin of cool shit...he has a buttload of flashlights by Cree and..Phoenix...sorry...fenix. Anyone ever use these? cas 50$ + ~15$ for a 225 lumens light,charger, batteries, mount and pressure switch is quite ballin.


uhhh...just found this.

"All package are well pack and mark as GIFT and value not over US20." O.o
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