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Originally Posted by Blitzz40 View Post
So if i follow you, you call the guy elitist because he like to play milsim so much that in his dream world he would like that all the games are milsim. And you whine about the fact that because you like skirmish people call you a paintballer.

You dont have to be pissed because someone dont have the same taste for the type of game as you do. Respect goes in both ways.

In airsoft you already have milsim and skirmish games and guess what, sometimes we play both of them in the same day. So thats why i told you to come at a game and then you will choose what you like more. Dont be too quick to judge the game or the people who play it. Im not elitist by telling you that. Who knows maybe someday you will like mislims more than skirmishes or maybe not, who cares, its all about your own taste.
listen, i have an issue with a statement made by one individual, and the attitude expressed in that statement is what i find ignorant, he never said "i prefer milsim" or "i think milsim is better" he simply said "all airsoft games should be milsim" maybe he did mean in his dreams

im not judging you or anyone else ,just the attitude that can give birth to a sweeping statement like that. sorry if i didnt communicate that clearly enough before, and you are right, maybe in future i will prefer milsim, i doubt it, but who knows? but the issue of elitism will still be with us as there will always be people who feel that if your socks aren't regulation cf issue or if you didnt pack mrt's for lunch that you are not good enough to be on the same field as sthem
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