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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
so when i get age verified the same ignorant attitude gets implanted in my brain? dude wtf does being age verified have to do with everything? i see airsport as a good sport/activity, but make no mistake, AIRSOFT IS NOT MILSIM and vice versa,

and to that crack about noobs telling people how to play the game, I never told you how to play the game, I was defending My right to play the game the way I want to, you can do your own thing, its thinking that your way is the only right way that I find ignorant. This is why we cant have an effective movement to improve the airsoft laws.
First of all take a deep breath, second im not your dude and third like i said if you want to play the game the way you like just organise one and play it or go to one that will suit your style of playing. The ignorant here is surely not me!

Yes you have right like all of us i think not more not less, just grow up!
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