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-People who claim airsoft is restricted to Milsim (or realism style play) and if people don't want to play that way they should go play paintball. First off, the game we play was based around the tools (ie. the guns)...not the otherway around! They were developed for gun hobbyists in Japan because firearms were illegal for the average person to own. They were NOT developped for military simulation or training but were the adopted tool for such things. I cannot recall one (out of the few I've seen) youtube video I've seen of an airsoft game (in Asia where it originated!) where practically everyone is using hi-caps and doing the 'spray 'n pray' style of game. So to claim that airsoft must be played in such a structured and narrow minded way just seems ignorant to me.


Exactly man! they act as if Milsim and Airsoft are the exact same thing and your only option are play it their way or go to paintball, thats fucking ignorant as hell. and for the record i understand that a certain level of realism is needed but these idiots take it too far and then want to tell people to get out of THEIR sport as if they fucking invented it!
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