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Its good ,but actually the x7 tippmann electric its the most real gun an you can change all part for a g36c m4 mp5 mp7 ak47 its a really good way for paintball.In my country i dont have frends that play airsoft game an all people as not able to buy this. I have the same equipement that you but not with JG G36C airsoft but with G36C x7 tippmann 320fps 650rpm.I need airsoft gun an its a real shit on canada for buy airsoft gun .I buy a 300win. swort magnum an i m not able to buy a toy. WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT LAW. At 12 year old you able use a gun an at 24 year , not able to buy airsoft. I need information for age verrified and its safe? peace an have a good day
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