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Originally Posted by MadMax View Post
If that video is of a TM hicapa, I'd say that the reed valve wasn't stiff enough. It looks like the slide starts its recoil just before the pellet exits the barrel in the 2nd video.
I believe they're both from the same video source. The 2nd clip being a cropped version of the original.
If you look carefully at the timing of the first video, you will see the same effect of the slide starting its cycle before the BB has exited.

Originally Posted by Shinjin_MC View Post
Illusion: do the old mgc guns function on a retarded blowback system?
I had a cursory look at the p7m13 and it seemed that the brass rod in there would travel for a while before actually engaging the blowback cycle in the slide
Just looking at the mechanics of an MGC Glock 17 Seidler Custom that I have here, it looks like both the BB and the blowback chamber are pressurized at the same time.
There is no valve to distinctly cut off one area from the other.

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