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Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
When I play I like to get totally into character, and shit like giant pink dildos strapped to the end of weapons like bayonets ruins the immersion for me. I don't like to see any of that faggotry in the field as, in my eyes at least, it ruins the sport -- activity that is counter to the behaviour you would see in an actual operation in real life does NOT belong on the airsoft field during game time. What happens off the field is none of my concern but airsoft was designed, from its inception, to be a serious reproduction of real world combat operations.
As serious as what we're trying to replicate is... It all boils down to it's just a game. You get hit, you go to re spawn, you go back out there.

And don't hate on the dildo bayonet. There's quite the story behind that. That whole thing was for a single game, where in preparation for it, 2 of my guns completely broke down... In a fit of madness I decided to paint my Kraken furniture (Yes, Kraken, It was clear and green... Would you be happier if I left it that way... Or would clear space guns ruin the immersion for you?) because I have full wood and full metal already in the mail.

My airsoft pet peeve, People who take things too seriously.. It's a game. Sure, You can use real-world tactics.. It's a great hobby and you meet many great people through it... Everything has a time and place, for a competetive game... A more serious additude is required... But playing a casual game with a bunch of friends... You don't need to go all action commando there. There are times where it should be taken a little more seriously than others (huge well planned Operations ect ect) But all in all. It's a Game.

Serious fucking business, Hoo Rah.
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