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You guys have slightly strayed from the topic into "What bugs me about the rest of the people on the planet".

For years there have been the guys who show up with the full kit, be it the military, motorcycle racing, golf, whatever, done up ten out of ten with gear that normal folks has only heard rumors off. The guy with the fancy rig proceeds to explain himself in conscending terms, and then fall flat on his face thanks to some shmoe with a bad haircut and gear that's half guntape. Sadly it never phases them but sometimes they move from guns to golf to BMW's taking their line of bull with them.

The net has made this much worse, lowering the bar as it were for those who think they can simply purchase skill, or demand that those who do have it share out their knowledge because the net is free.

Show up, use your ears instead of your mouth and you won't keep yourself awake at night worry you've become an elitist.
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