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Originally Posted by Cassius View Post
Situation two:
Nice PTW you got there!

Thanks. It's much better than your little classic army.

In situation one, the PTW Owner was glad someone enjoyed his aeg. In situation two, the Elitist PTW Owner made sure that Player1 felt inferior because he had not PTW.
Did that actually happen to you? That's not being elitist, just being an asshole.

I own PTWs and I own quality gear. I am not ashamed of it, nor do I flaunt it. I've been known to show up to game with $20 worth of gear (but still carry a PTW). I'm usually the guy who ends up spending more time charging other people's batteries or fixing their guns and never enough time getting myself ready. I've let many guys play around with my PTWs, and I'm never shy to let guys borrow or play with any of my kit, if they need.

I have better field skills than some guys, but worse skills than others.

I don't think any of that makes me elitist, but I do understand when people feel inferior. Most of the time, it is from their own lack of self-esteem. I know. I remember when I started and guys would come to a game with $500 plate carriers with real plates, carrying a $2000 Top M249, and I had surplus pouches and an MP5K. I didn't exactly feel all "super-leet" or that I even fit in. But I won't ever feel ashamed for owning quality gear or guns. It was my choice to buy it.

None of my guns or gear make me a better player, but I sure enjoy using it.
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