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Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
The idea behind airsoft is to simulate the real world. Back in the 1970s when Airsoft was thought up by the Japanese, its initial purpose was to accurately replicate firearms to get around the strict anti-gun laws imposed on the population there. Since then, airsoft has distinguished itself from games such as paintball in that it is ALL about realism. For MILSIM oriented players, airsoft is the way to go because it stresses accuracy of reproduction at every step of the way.

If you believe that someone who takes this seriously, who uses the proper equipment and behaves properly in the field (to fit the role he/she is filling) is somehow "elite," then you belong in a paintball field with the other jealous children. This game, while it will always be just a GAME, is still a serious one geared to replicate a deadly serious business.

When I play I like to get totally into character, and shit like giant pink dildos strapped to the end of weapons like bayonets ruins the immersion for me. I don't like to see any of that faggotry in the field as, in my eyes at least, it ruins the sport -- activity that is counter to the behaviour you would see in an actual operation in real life does NOT belong on the airsoft field during game time. What happens off the field is none of my concern but airsoft was designed, from its inception, to be a serious reproduction of real world combat operations.

Anyone who doesn't see airsoft in that light should be playing paintball. That has been, and always will be, my point of view on the subject.
What about people like me, people who just want to get out, be active, have some fun, make some friends, but want to avoid paintball? Do you want to look down on us because we don't take a game as seriously as you do? So what if my kit doesn't reflect what a real soldier wears/wore or if my mags hold 100 BBs instead of 30 bullets?

See, I don't have a problem with your viewpoint or with how you chose to enjoy our game. But that last statement I see directed at me and I take offence.
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