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Elitism is not about what you possess but about the way you act with other players in the field and on the forum.

We are all humans. We are all equal, all on the same level and we should treat and respect each others just like so. When someone chooses to make me feel inferior be it by airsoft combat experience, tactical gear, weapons or anything else well that person is an elitist; thinking themselves above me and that is what truly annoys me.

In a game when it comes to simulating real combat based on honesty, Respect should always come first. It should always come first at home when on this forum, at a game and in life in general. One should constantly question his attitude towards other to see if he is acting in a respectful manner. We all make mistakes because we are all imperfect and that is where questioning yourself and working on yourself comes in handy since we can learn from our mistakes.

One who respects others acknowledges the fact that they are different from you; you are not above or below them because they are different.

On that note, I give props to victornettoyeur, Stalker and Greylocks amongst many on this forum for I think they show alot of respect to new players, veteran players and just normal players.
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