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My pet peeve is small children on paintball fields! Those little guys get everywhere and everywhere! It's like they're double jointed and when you round a corner its like "BLAM! You're out." and you'relike "How'd he do that?" On that note...I hate those "I'm not hit, that paint was already there" excuse.

I stopped playing paintball because of that. Frankly...if you spend so much money on militarized gear for paintball, it's a waste of money. Your Desert/Woodland cam turns into the reading rainbow logo and you're out a few bucks because your "cool" uniform is now joseph's technicolor dream coat.

And I dislike those people that make fun of airsoft and say "they like to play soldier because they can't make it as a real soldier." blah blah blah. Both games have weapons...both lines of weapons discharge objects from a barrel...I think paintball is the special olympics of airsoft.

My two cents.
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