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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
Can't fault you there. Big reason they got kicked as I recall.

In this, I agree. As I'm sure you know however, a lot of people automatically label people as "elitist" based on their equipment, and how interactive they are in the safe area or before/after a game.

I don't consider myself "elite". This is a game. I do however go ALL THE WAY. I wear all the gear, do my best to give an accurate impression, and I bust my ass in the field. So do a lot of people I play with. That may be interpreted as "elitist", but the fact is people that share a common mindset will gravitate to one another, and just as this type of mindset about the game is "offensive" to some people, the opposite is exactly true for them.

I just don't like all this talk about "elitism". I think a lot of people are getting painted with the same brush here. A lot of people just play DIFFERENTLY. If you don't like the way someone plays, don't play with them.
Glad we are getting info out there. Ring and 'T' both said they were fed up with the "administration" of the team and quit long before you guys 'kicked them'. Who cares really, only seen 'T' at a game or two last year, and still heard of accounts of his firing back after being lit up in under 60ft, then bitching to the owner/host about being lit up. None of this is about any of them.

Impression................ some act out a role they want to do an impression of, others don't. Some are pure players, some are actors for a role they want to immerse thenselves in, some are in between, personally I don't care, everyone has their version of airsoft to play. I enjoy the enactment of some games, be it gun for hire, or a NATO member patrolling through a trail with constant passing of civilians that *might* have a radio or a hidden gun, it all adds to the fun.

Honestly, elitism isn't the way one plays the game, as might have been repsented here, nor is it the gear/guns they use. The elitism that has sparked a fury here is the attititude of 'better than others' crap, largely because of going out of their way to own a real Eagle CIRAS, looking down on those that bought a cheaper Phantom CIRAS that looks the same. New players come to talk, they kinda ignore and bugger off to their teammates.

My final, since I've stirred up the interest of Wolfpack/former Wolfpack guys.......... I've never had a problem with the Wolfpack attitude. You guys have your head on your shoulders, treat the game as a serious endeavour and act accordingly. But my experience with the local guys early on, Ringmaster taught me a fair bit about engaging guys using team work, one to pin down while another flanks for the kill. Never considered them 'elitist' because they had time for newer players (even if I never got an invite, like I said, always thought I wasn't good enough, formed the Warmongers shortly after with Apocolypse, then got a PM from you asking why I never joined you............. lead into one of your complaints about WP Ottawa). To this day, I carry a great respect for you Morb, Claymore (glad to finally meet him and get acknowledged), and Scarecrow, all how I'd follow into real combat any day (provided I was armed with more than an airsoft gun).

I'm still grasping at straws to outline the complaints about 'elitists' and try to separate those who feel they are viewed as 'elitists' and those who actually ARE 'elitists' and not just those who are good players that take the game seriously. That is the difference, as well as dealing with new players and accepting them, at least, as challenging targets. Hope that all made sense.
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