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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
But for those that take more pride in having their pics taken than pride in skill.............

Recall a couple of your former WP boys, Mini-T and Ringmaster talking crap about some Toronto players, big joke was the guys that had Hatch knees pads that they wore for dozens of games they went to, but not a single scratch on them (recall Exo makig fun of mine too, told him I just got them and was the first game I played with them).
Can't fault you there. Big reason they got kicked as I recall.

But still, taking your points to heart, I still have to re-iterate those points I made earlier that elitism largely stems from treatment of other players by those that 'had the gear, had the upgrades, had the attitude'. A
In this, I agree. As I'm sure you know however, a lot of people automatically label people as "elitist" based on their equipment, and how interactive they are in the safe area or before/after a game.

I don't consider myself "elite". This is a game. I do however go ALL THE WAY. I wear all the gear, do my best to give an accurate impression, and I bust my ass in the field. So do a lot of people I play with. That may be interpreted as "elitist", but the fact is people that share a common mindset will gravitate to one another, and just as this type of mindset about the game is "offensive" to some people, the opposite is exactly true for them.

I just don't like all this talk about "elitism". I think a lot of people are getting painted with the same brush here. A lot of people just play DIFFERENTLY. If you don't like the way someone plays, don't play with them.
Originally Posted by Deaf_shooter View Post
what if it model after his?
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