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Originally Posted by MadMorbius View Post
So if someone takes pride in their equipment and strives for perfection in their impression AND their play, they're elitist?

Just so I'm clear here.
But for those that take more pride in having their pics taken than pride in skill.............

Recall a couple of your former WP boys, Mini-T and Ringmaster talking crap about some Toronto players, big joke was the guys that had Hatch knees pads that they wore for dozens of games they went to, but not a single scratch on them (recall Exo makig fun of mine too, told him I just got them and was the first game I played with them).

But still, taking your points to heart, I still have to re-iterate those points I made earlier that elitism largely stems from treatment of other players by those that 'had the gear, had the upgrades, had the attitude'. A while back, I think it was 2005, Lutnit was new, played a few games at the LZ, and some of the ETF guys wouldn't even tell him the time when he asked. No slight on the ETF guys, but a lot of them kept to themselves and themselves only, and avoided everyone else (TC's words to me himself, part of the reason he canned the team ETF.) Not helpful at all if you ask most. Is one of the BIG reasons I help new players out as best I can, I had a 'first game/first AEG' once as well.
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