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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
Agreed. I find it a bit annoying how a lot (not all) noobs love the fact ACMs shoot like 380 and automatically assume that, because of that, they're better than TM, CA, ICS, etc etc.

I have yet to play one game with a gun that shot over 340 (and I usually use .25's, so I'm probably shooting low 300's or less) and I can count on one hand the number of engagements I've been in where I can't actually range my target. IMO, if I can't range, it just means I need to advance and get closer.
Go up to 0.28g and watch the improvement. Seriously, it's only 0.03g difference, but the noticable difference is like you experience when you go from constant 0.20g useage up to 0.25g BBs use. Once you go 0.28g, it's really hard to go back to 0.25g!
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