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I think the elitism that pisses most people off are those who have the gear, the attitude (of elitism) and thumb their noses at new player's questions/existance, yet if there is a camera man around on game day they spend more time buzzing around said camera guy like moths around a porchlight than actually playing hard.

Gear doesn't make the player, it might make the player more efficient with with things like comms, mag reloads, etc. but doesn't improve on comm skills, shooting skill or ability.

Same with guns, Poncho always said "Upgrade the player, not the gun", I think this applies to both gear and guns, don't use 400fps as a benchmark target to upgrade to (I've owned tonnes of guys with that fps with my MP5s which have always been 350fps to 380fps), and as far as gear goes, using what one can afford and learning it's strong/weak points really helps with selecting a loadout appropriate for one's technique, skill and style of play. Me, I started off with CF 82 pattern webbing for my first year, moved to MOLLE USMC mesh vest with pouches I could move around, angle, etc. to make my efficiency go up. Then the past year I used an Eagle Universal Chest Rig and love it, it's so basic, easy to use, and doesn't cover my entire upper body with crap (like CIRAS and other wannabe contractor looking body armour stuff). My ability to run (besides the smoking shit, even before never was a good runner except fast as fuck sprints) is weighed down with a 12lb M24 on my back, water, ammo, a couple pistols (always get used for some stupid reason.......... I love gun hits!) and one of my MP5s. I'm Stalker, I don't rush in and assault, I fuck with people's heads most of the day with out-of-the-blue shots/surprise ambushes. I focus mostly on camouflage and stealth, flanking, etc. to play my game the way I like it. Is my style of play, I carry what I need and leave the rest (even if I own it) either at home or at the staging area.

Hell, want funny? I told Testtube yesterday I was considering buying RealTree camo to use once in a while at games, make me look like a noob. He broke out into a huge grin and laughed. I don't give a shit, I'm out there to hunt/shoot people and fuck with heads. That's how I try to tip the way the game goes, in my teams favour (besides, it's FUN!!!)

I'm not the best sniper out there, I'm not the best at camo use, I'm not the best assaulter or CQB guy, I'm one of those "Jack of all trades, master at none" kinda guys. Sure, I help new people out ALL THE FUCKING TIME and isn't bothered too much with giving advice. And I have been seriously swamped with gun repairs/troubleshooting/upgrades the past while, but even if someone asks to send me a gun from BC to fix, doesn't make me the best at dealing with guns either. I've no room for ego, and it seems my reputation is largely inflated from MANY other's doing the inflating. Not complaining, but hey, it pushes me skillwise to keep up with the way people view me. Lol, want a couple example of what I've heard?

Player#1: "Man, he's out there, bet he's watching us and waiting for us to come out to the open from behind these branches"
Player#2: "Who?"
Player #1: "Stalker, I can feel him watching us"
Player#2; "Aw shit."

And I might be at the other side of the field or staging area!!! Lol

Droc on Radio: "Where's Stalker at, we need him here to help us defend the area."
Apoc: "About 60ft from you, in the cedars"
Droc: "Can't see him"
Me: Rolls eyes, waves at him, he doesn't acknowledge me there, so I take off my OD flight glove and wave at him with bare hand. Then he sees me!
Sheesh! Like my sig says, cadpat works well around here!
Novel done, piss break then back to the dungeon to beat the piss outta Long_Bong's pain in the ass KSC G18C.

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