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Originally Posted by Schwag View Post
A bigger gear budget doesn't make you elite, your skill does and thankfully skill is one thing you still can't buy (along with good taste and a huge cock). Sorry Wolfpack et al.

I guess it's possible to be elitist without actually being elite.
I agree, ability does not come stuffed in a Multicam Molle Pouch... or attached to a rail on a PTW. Its hard won, along with the respect that is earned with it.

Although there is often a correlation between hard won skills and top end those with the skill know the value of good kit.

Now back on track...

My peeve... people who profess to belong to a team... but as soon as they hit the field go all "lone wolf" and then complain when they get shot by their own side because no one knew where they were or what they were doing.

Every second wasted by your side shooting their own is seconds lost in overcoming the opposition.. and seconds gained by the opposition to overcome your side..

If you are going out on your own... have a plan, and stick to it.. and make sure everyone on your side knows what you look like and where you are likely to be... communication is critical for the forest Ninja.. lest he be cut down by his own.
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