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People wise:
People who don't bring a spare battery.
No one wanting to take charge of a team.
People who complain about being shot.

Airsoft in general:
No recoil!!!
The M14 shoots as far the Mp5 and can be stopped by a leaf
Having the perfect shot.. then you remember you are using an airsoft gun and that perfect shot is impossible.

Having an awesome plan draw up in your head, but when you try it out you realize that
A. your out of shape
B. you have an airsoft gun and not a real one.

Your favorite gun doesn't have an airsoft counterpart or if it does it cost 3K and your CT springer shoots better then it does.

The M203 is nothing more then a big shotgun.

A certain someone dragging his butt on releasing a certain airsoft grenade.
That's right. You heard me. I'm not going to name names, but I want three before my next game.
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