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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Yeah... This is my #1 complaint.... far too often the courage of a few is spent by the cowardice of many.

Practically every engagement becomes plinking at extreem range... while hiding behind bushes...

I have seen that this phenomenom is most prevelent in groups with no effective command structure.. and no real leadership on the field.

Without co-ordination and direction every advance will falter as the individual desire for survival will sap the vigor from the group need for success.
I agree mostly.

However, the whole "leadership" thing can often lead to "elitism" all over again. If it gets too hardcore it can get annoying and I've seen a lot of players forget, once again, while blabbing into their radios and using all these crazy hand gestures that it's just a GAME not the deserts of the middle east. A form of communication and at least some sort of mild leadership is often needed though, I agree. Some people just have a need to be led around on a leash.

Personally, I function just as well if not better on my own. Some of my greatest moments of "pride" were because I took off and operated on my own. Too bad I'm thwarted half the time by my own team not expecting me to be moving and acting in a certain manner or area.

That's another great pet peeve of mine that I have to fear after every corner I go around. Teammates that shoot first and ask questions later....or ask questions, shoot and then ask MORE questions! ahh fuck! I figure it's just common sense if you see me looking at you with my gun lowered that I'm not going to shoot you and therefore, you shouldn't shoot me.

Not as many people are proffesing profound hatred for hicaps as I was hoping! Come on people you know they are lame and paintballish! If we got rid of hicaps think of how many peeves we could solve:

-excessive spray n' prayers
-massive "unrealistic" paintballish style skirmishes
-those who aren't affraid to shoot first because ammo is not a priority
-those who sit around and shoot anything and everything because....ammo is not a priority
-et cetra
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