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Originally Posted by Cassius View Post
I fucking hate Elitism;

I don't mind PTW owners but I hate the ones that think they are better than me because they spent more on a toyguns; fuck off moron.

I don't mind gearwhores but I hate the ones who criticize other players for not having the perfect gear.

I don't mind the players that go to every game but shut your fucking mouth and don't criticize me for not playing all of them.

I'm happy that you are or have been in the Forces but that doesn't mean you are fucking above me!

Airsoft is filled with people of all ages. It's not because you're older than you're better though.

Anything else related to Elitism I fucking hate you with all my guts.]
While I haven't played a game yet, I can totally understand everything written here, and I've seen examples of it on this forum. I've had the term chairsofter thrown at me a couple of times. In a sense, it's true, because I haven't played yet, but I haven't had an available game to go to since I started getting my gear. We don't have anywhere to play around here. I attend my first of hopefully many games next month.
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