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my biggest pet peeve really about airsoft, is not getting more people out on a regular basis. We are a small team, just restarting a year or so ago after a year of no activity and some of the old vets retiring from the game, we now have unbelieveable grounds to play on and we can't seem to get everyone out on the same weekend. We have lots of people who play with us from time to time but god forbid we get them all out on the same day! I could only imagine the day we could have! And my other petpeeve would be people who say they are coming and never show up! Why not call or post your not coming for whatever reason. simple stuff! Beyond that I love this game and I start missing the game the minute I drive away from the field after a day. Maybe my petpeeve about players not coming out is my own fault cause not everyone feels as strongly about the game as myself and a few others on my team feel but I don't think I can ever completly understand it
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