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No one has ever said that the Activity of shooting people with simulated weapons is not a legitimate "sport"

The Activity of "airsoft" using airsoft guns to shoot one another is exactly the same activity as paintball... its the same game.. and no one is questioning if the activity is "legitimate" it clearly is.

That is not an issue... anyone who is fixated on the whole "legitimizing the Sport" aspect of this is totaly missing the point and agitating to legitimize something that is already perceived as legitimate.. so it is wasted effort and illustrates a clear missunderstanding of the core issues.

No one is questioning your right to use legally possesed airsoft guns to shoot people who agree to be shot. Its not illegal therefore it is legitimate.

The ONLY issue is the legal restrictions on the transfer of replica firearms between individuals and the retailing of Airsoft guns to individuals in contravention of the laws precluding such transfer of replicas.

That is where any "lobby" effort has to be focused... and if you want to pitch in to common cause then your effort and money is best spent on the existing well organized and funded firearms lobby... if they are successful in getting the government to open the issue of firearms laws.. and crack open the law for changes.. we could reasonably piggy back changes to the replica laws on such changes.

So get a PAL, buy a Gun and get active in that community..its your best hope to help this community.
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