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- People who make condescending comments on a forum post simply to feel they have a bigger e-***** (there are lots of this going around)

- As AA said: Event moderators that seem to think that they are above the rules and can use hot guns because they, "know the engagement ranges and can use their guns safely".

- People who have no room for others who donít fit into their exact idea of what this sport should be.

- People who use faggot or gay as a condescending term. Are you so unsure or uncomfortable with your sexual persuasion that your homophobia must shine through in everything you write? Are you worried you are spontaneously going to turn gay unless you combat your urges at every given opportunity? Grow up.

- Owners of PTW, or any gear, tool or weapon who believe that simply by owning, or expending the capital to purchase it inherently makes them a better / more dedicated player than others

- New players who will not call their hits as they are trying to impress the vets

- Vets who will not call their hits as they are too good to get hit by the noobs anyway

- Anyone who plans in advance to cause harm to others during a game. These people should be run out of town and never be allowed to play this, (or any other sport) again.

- People who continually bash others for not having a worn paintjob because the supper dupper real hard core deadly guys only ever have a worn paintjob because it is so much more high speed, and you just arenít cool enough unless you are make pretending to be just like the picture of a real soldier you have on your wall. This covers people who will go out of the way to tell you that the boots you are wearing, or the particular vest you have doesnít match x,y,z on your kit etc.

- Anyone, who at any point during the game does not have the safety of others as their primary concern

- People with no understanding of history, war, or politics who continually bash the French because, just like bashing 'gay' as long as we have someone or something to look down on we can feel better about ourselves.

- People who believe that age, on its own can be taken as an indication of maturity. This goes more for people believing that because someone is older their actions must be taken as mature.

- People who join this hobby because 'guns are so f-ing cool' who just want to 'shoot shit up and kick ass'

- The assumption that you are mature enough to handle / use / play with upgraded airsoft guns. Chances are you arenít. Yes this means you.

- Politics. Stupid childish politics and shenanigans. There were many un-written lessons in ECS on maturity, respect, sharing, responsibility, ownership and fair play. Why were 80% of the populace not paying attention?

- Excuses. WTF ever happened to responsibility? Why is it so hard to say: "Yes, I screwed up, I'm sorry, I wont let it happen again" or "Good shot, you got me, I'll have to try harder next time". Instead it's always "No f-ing way you could have hit me" or "I could have turned around and shot you first" or "I didnít know the rules.." etc.

- When you bring enough guns, equipment, ammo, gas, food and gear for 7 new players. Take the time to help them all load their guns, explain the rules, explain the function of the weapons, all for free, and one of the few experienced players, who only brought his own shit, loaded his one gun, sat there and watched while you dragged stuff in and out, bitches and whines about having to start late because you took so long to get ready.

That should be enough of an uber rant for now.
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