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oh god this is turning into another one of those threads
It already has lol.

I've seen petitions go around before and I signed them thinking that it wouldn't hurt in the very very off chance it did actually amount to something, but LD is right. Organization of airsoft is the first step at any rate so that you don't have 50 people asking for different things. One voice is all that is needed and everyone has to be on board to ensure we don't compromise the integrity of our organization if we started one or add unnecessary questions that could work in the reverse and just cost us more in the long run. Having a paying membership to a National Organization would in some ways be looked at in a positive light because we aren't just a bunch of people saying we want AEG's to be allowed across the boarder but we are now investing our money into this and showing that we do have a vested interest into the continuation of this sport, not to mention if we did have a spokesman could help in getting the message across to others because as LD said it's not cheap to try and bring about change. We also need to be well prepared to deal with more public opinion on what we do in our game. I did like the ideas by that organization in the US that was posted on the boards by one of our members I would like to be apart of an organization similar to that if one were to happen in Canada. But until then watch and shoot.

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Its a good thing stupidity doesnt have mass or whole sections of this board would collapse in and destroy themselves in a stupidity singularity.
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