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Originally Posted by Solomance View Post
Why not buy yourself proper kit?

Why not buy yourself some re-pro?

2 Sets of re-pro
What does proper kit have to do with teams?? Even with a "proper kit" everyone is still wearing at least 10 different kinds of "proper kit."

The general premise of airsoft is realism on the part of the GUNS' APPEARANCE. That's what sets it apart from paintball, laser quest or whatever. You can still do all of those dressed up like a super 1337 delta beta alpha omego MI6 batmanesque navy seal, but you still LOOK like a douche when you hoist whatever "weapon" you use.

Now with airsoft, you can stand there in anything and look bad ass....THAT IS UNTIL YOUR WHIMPY WHINING AEG STARTS SOUNDING OFF AND IF YOU ARE A HOMOSEXUAL, THAT HICAP MAG STARTS RATTLING AROUND! (if you are actually gay, you have nothing to worry about )

That's why I "hate" AEG's. And I'm pretty sure most would agree. Alternatives could be thought up if a big enough company wanted to go all out and design something revolutionary. How did the mechbox get here....

What I DO like about airsoft, is well, everything I don't list that I hate. Like the atmosphere in general, most of the people, the real community feelings you get while airsofting and even chairsofting, those moments when like 15 guys storm down on two guys helplessly trying to hold up behind a car, et cetra et cetra..........
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