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No actual team indicators! (arm bands please! not everyone knows everyone and we all know whites can't tell asians apart and asians can't tell whites apart!!)

FUCKING HICAPS For fucks sake, I can't fucking stand them. You got people with all this hardcore expensive shit, every accessory loadout and piece of equipment they'll never use....then they have a hicap crammed in their gun!! Why?!?!?!?!?! They're so fucking lame!!!! Damn Tokyo Marui for every popularizing the damn cheasy things!

Scopes and whacked out Armalites....again....why?!?!?!?! First off I think they're ugly. But functionally, sticking every possible accessory on your gun does next to nothing for it's performance!

TM and plastic body fanboys! It seems to be much less prevalent now, but back when everyone recommends "get a TM you can't go wrong" NO FOR FUCKS SAKE I've seen many a TM fuck up out of the box or in any other situation. There's just MORE OF them to cover up their natural failure rate. They are about the biggest rip off in airsoft as well! You pay a premium for a minimum of accessories and you don't even get a metal body!! And they made it "socially" acceptable to even use plastic on everything.

I hate AEG's in general. I just hate the general lameness of them. There's absolutly no rush or satisfying feel in using them. They sound fucked up and whimpy and they are too god damn complicated!

And with AEG culture comes all the in game CS style antics. Holding guns from the magwell, unloading 100's of rounds at once, firing from an improper stance, etc. FUCK It's lame to watch.

Elitests! We don't all enjoy spending thousands on sets of BDU's to play make believe in. The focus is supposed to be on the realism of the GUNS. And since we are just pretending, why not dress in a suit and tie like a bad ass from your favourite movie? I personally avoid wearing BDU's whenever possible and go for the more "modern urban cyber rebel" type look. Anyone who wants to question me, I challenge you to a duel.

Paint! Getting my sexy equipment covered in greasy dirty paint at paintball fields! FUCK

General high price for things that were made in the minimal quality style fashion. Such as....mostly all airsoft equipment.

Hmm that's all for now.

/end rant

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