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Originally Posted by enigmahack View Post
I don't if anyone else noticed, but here's the very truly disturbing part:

"“Then he said how his father shot himself in the head with the gun but he did not die. (The boy) was able to mimic how his father held the gun up to his head and pulled the trigger,” court documents said."

Sounds like Daddy was trying to teach the boy to kill himself. By thinking it's okay to shoot yourself in the head with a "realistic" looking gun, how would the little boy know any better if it were real.

Suddenly the kid becomes a victim of "Kids playing with guns" when it was being set up the whole time by the parent.

That's the part that makes me sick.
I hate when family trees are straight lines.

He couldve also just been teaching his kid that the gun isnt real and that if shot at someone it wont kill them.
Just because he held it to his head doesnt mean he was teching his kid to kill himself. I do believe the kid was a little young to be seeing that but maybe the father had good intentions. Not the best intentions, he was also drinking that night.
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