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Originally Posted by MrEvolution View Post
I still have my deck in the binder, along with Digimon cards.
Originally Posted by White_knight View Post
Digimon....Fail. everyone KNOWS pokemon was the cool one
Originally Posted by Sepulcrum View Post
dude digimon was so way better, I loved it way more than pokemon.
Originally Posted by aZn_triXta07 View Post
I still have the original Digimon electronic pets ... two in fact.
I kicked so much ass back in elementary.
Sh!t I still have my Generation 1 Tamagotchi ...that I stole ...
I also have a Generation 4 I believe ... my girlfriend made me buy it ... I swear.
Originally Posted by demco11 View Post
HAHHA POKEMON!?!?! holy S**T i still got a shoebox full of first editions and shinies and what not haha.... OLD SKOOOOOL along with my see-through purple gameboy color with pokemon red!
Originally Posted by No_Way View Post
Haha, i still have pogs and .... red edition for Gameboy (played in my advance)
And yet you fuckers pick on ME for having sex toys. At least --MY-- toys are for adults!!!
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