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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
well you sure seems to be taking Ehobby's side. And that's a store.. I believe =)
Well yes, Ehobby is just an exemple how things should be made. I mention Ehobby because they are in the few ones that have good services and prices so i tend to promote those stores. I think we all search for that.

But if more and more peoples say that Ebobby often sell defectives items, i will not take their side, i will like to know it and will reconsider my choice and move to another store, even if its a bit more pricey. But there are many ASC members that buy from them with no problems at all.

In most cases i will always take the side of the buyers simply because in these kind of online businesses (any selling business if that is) thats them who are important. If you cant listen to your customers you will miss their business. When i sell my stuff here in the classified i always make sure to keep this in mind and imho there are some stores there that should do the same.

I also often buy from ASC members with good rating, and ive never had any problems with the online stores in the Canadian retailers and International retailers that are in the top tabs too.

If you remember there was a time when people were only buying at those stores. If it was in the tabs it means that you can buy from them and be assure that you get a good service. Now those tabs dont seems to be updated often and with all the stores that pop up in the last years its getting pretty hard to find a good one. So i surely appreciate to have feedback from people who bought from them.

I still dont understand why Ehobby is not in the international retailer tab yet though.
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