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Originally Posted by Blitzz40 View Post
Well we agree on something. But now people will know what they are buying if they didnt.

Thats why reviews exist and thats why people come here and post threads. Online buying is not always an easy task and a few heads up are always welcome.

I always like to see ASC members come here and talk about their experience with a retailer, negative or positive. Like i said if a seller cant take negative as well as positive comments they are in the wrong business.

But i agree if you want to go the cheapest way thats what happens. But i still have problems paying $30.00 + shipping for a defective item.

Sorry for jumping on you that way Drache. It seems to me lately that buyers always take a full blast of shit when having a negative experience and i have to admit that im a little tired of that.
I understand what you are going through as well. Its just as an online seller I see way too much blaming of the company when manufacturers are to blame, is just a little upsetting.
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