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Yeah...back when Jeff had airsoft before, I bought an M4 from him. It was a Colt Commando. I took it home and realised the fucking receiver pin loops were broken, so the gun would open up on its own. I took it back and asked him to fix it. You know what his fuckin reply was? "We could always strap a couple zip ties around it, that'll fix it right up." As if i'm gonna spend an obscene amount of money on a broken! So after a while of talking I was finally able to trade it in for something else. I was pissed. A few weeks later I came back to browse and saw the same gun back up for sale...only it was "upgraded" this time and was selling for 1800 bucks. That was when I knew I would never spend money on anything but clothing and gear from that store. Then apparently he got busted for it, which is why he doesn't have airsoft anymore. That guy could sell sand to an arab.

I only go there when i'm desperate and out of options.
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