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Did any of you people whining about Ken notice the announcement on his home page? The announcement stating that he was closed until the 14th of January?

Think of a rough number of e-mails he gets daily...then multiply that by 20 or 30. That's a lot of e-mails to sift through. He was closed for quite a few days and his e-mail service was down as well.

I ordered a gun from him 3 weeks ago. I sent the order e-mail out on Wednesday and received the invoice on Friday and sent my money order to him the exact same day. Mind you i'm going to have to wait a few weeks for the gun to ship because it was out of stock, but tough luck, shit happens.

I can pretty much guarantee Ken deals with hundreds, maybe even a thousand people a day. Just last week I was in contact with him. I had to cancel an order because I wasn't payed right, but he sent me 3 response e-mails within 45 minutes.

The only real thing I think anyone can complain about is the wait period for delivery. But tough shit, if you don't like it, good luck with customs and no refunds. He's a busy man, I understand that. It makes me feel better knowing that the guy i'm dealing with isn't a noob retailer and is raking in lots of business.
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