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Having owned a G3, the rifle itself was great, but if your planning on doing anything close quarters, or playing in a game that requires a lot of fast movement you might want to stick with the HK416. Compact size is a lot easier to move about with. I used my G3 in more of a support role, and it was pretty accurate at distances though my m4 is just as accurate due to it's high velocity. As for a secondary weapon, so far I haven't seen the need for a pistol as of yet. Focus more on getting your primary gear sorted out first, pistols are more of a nicety, most of the guys I've played against with pistols don't have a chance to use them unless they are a sniper, or playing CQB. Anyhow have fun. I'm sure you'll enjoy this sport no matter what weapon you get. (I'm still new to this too, but these are just general observations that I've noticed.) Cheers.

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