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Hm, the wife situation certainly does complicate the usual recommendation towards a stretched out, carefully planned and tested period of purchases. Best thing to do is to see if someone local can show you the ropes, maybe at a game or something. A lot of things should be held before they're bought.

Most AEGs, properly tuned and/or upgraded and all else being equal, shoot about the same. Barrel length really only do so much for a spherical projectile travelling at fairly low velocity. I don't think you need to get two AEGs right off the bat. Either the 416 or G3 will be more than sufficient.

As for the small battery, that was more of an issue 2 years ago. These days, mini batteries are pretty competent at powering even upgraded guns.

Blargh, Cuba. As someone who barely drinks and don't smokes, I really don't see the attraction of that place, even after being there.
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