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Question Chairsoft N00b in need of your assistance

Hello ASC,

I joined back in January when I was first introduced to Airsoft a tad late in my life as I'm 30, however I'm extemely excited and eager to jump in head first into this activity. Through bumping around the forums and the web I've come to believe that the following is what I'd like to start out with. *as I'm still awating to get age verified (feels like I'm buying a 6pack from the LCBO)* What I would ask from all you ASC people reading this is as a first time buyer/future participant is
where do I start? I've picked out the following
- TM G3SG1 (Primary)
- VFC HK416 super DX (Secondary)
- Maruzen P99 (Fallback)

If you have any advice and some time to spare to help foster this new infatuation of mine please let me know. Outside of the assistance It would be great to hear more from owners of the above listed and any assistance or tips/tricks you can provide.
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