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I apologize for grammar and spelling right now.

I guess it largely depends on where you live to. For instance. If I was to walk around here in Red Deer, a small city (not sure of population) in central Alberta and ask "what do you think about owning guns", alot of people would say yeah it's great. Thats because guns here are very practical esspecially for farmers and hunting. Now go to downtown Toronto and ask that same question. I bet almost 99% of the people would say there should be no guns allowed in Canada. Where does this difference come from?

1. Here in western Canada we have a less dense population and lots of farm land. Over here guns are seen as tools, NOT WEAPONS. So we look at guns and see deer hunting, bird hunting, gopher hunting, pest control, and other various big game hunting in the mountains. If you were to ask how many people here own a gun probably close to %80 own a gun. I can tell you for sure that the neighbour on the left of my house owns a 30-06 and a 12 guage shotgun. My neighbour on the right also owns a 12 guage. and this is in the city.

2. Over in eastern Canada you have a vastly denser population mostly pretaining to major cities. Most people have never even held a real gun, more or less hunted with them. They see guns as WEAPONS. Read almost everyday about robberies where a firearm was used. They don't see the pratical part of guns as we do. So therefore they form the opinion as shrike said "GUNS KILL".

Now to tie this back into airsoft. They look at airsoft guns as "Replicated Weapons". They hear about kids running around on the streets with "realistic guns". Then they start fantasizing about robberies with them. Hense forth they go "airsoft is just training kids to be criminals". Completly oblivious to the mature airsofters found all across Canada.

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