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Outreach to Australia!

Hi All!
Those of you that have met me realized pretty quickly that I'm actually an Aussie ex-pat. I moved to Toronto just over a year ago and have recently become seriously addicted to Airsoft.

Upon investigation of the sorry state of affairs regarding the legality of Airsoft in Australia I thought I should invite the Australian Airsoft community to participate more in the community here. I have just created a new thread on one of their main forums encouraging them to do just that.
In turn I would like to encourage everyone here to participate in the forums located at

Please bear in mind that their forums are under intense government scrutiny and that clowning around will not be tolerated past a certain extent.

I would really like to form a bridge between the Australian and Canadian Airsoft communities as it can only enrich both of them.
I think the ultimate outcome would be an Australia vs Canada Airsoft tournament! This could only help legitimize Airsoft as a sport within both countries involved.

I look forward to seeing some fantastic interaction between these two great communities.
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