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AH! And people who keep saying "ARs jam all the time.. they suxorz." I don't think I need to add anything to that, as I'm sure people know that AKs, and G36s aren't immune to jamming.
not immune but they've had their anti-jam shots ....

and as kalnaren said its pretty damn close to never jaming.... now that my needless fanboyism of the G36 is done..

-people sitting in the safe zone all at once. like at Z3 when there were only a few "alive" people left on the field near the end because the rest who were alive were having soup and hot chocolate lol
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...stalker's gonna kill you....and you wont even see it coming! Hell, he'll kill you and god himself will be going, "Where the hell did that come from!?" CDN_Stalker should just be the new god!
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