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Originally Posted by -=]MH[=-RaiDen View Post
Shit they lit you guys up with PB guns?
Yea. Last game I played at Wasaga paintballers where playing on an adjacent field. I heard a lot of complaints from the airsofters that the little bastards open fire on anyone they see. I had one PB hit the back of my vest and another hit my gun. Luckly neither of them broke.

Originally Posted by kos
AH! And people who keep saying "ARs jam all the time.. they suxorz." I don't think I need to add anything to that, as I'm sure people know that AKs, and G36s aren't immune to jamming.
The G36 is pretty damned close to no jamming. According to, H&K has one they've put over 50,000 rounds through without cleaning once and it hasen't jammed yet. Of course, it may not be true

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