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People who talk really tough, but whine about their over kitted, and "original" gun (Ronan )

People who touch my guns without permission.

People who think they're awesome at something, despite the fact they never tried it (sniping, support, or everyday shit unrelated to airsoft)

People who are always assholes, and never lighten up. Drop the 1000 yard stare, sweetheart. You're not JTF2, or S.A.S.

People who aren't friendly when dealing (buy and sell). Overly robotic answers piss me off.

Liberals being politically correct at the most inopportune times.

AK purists. Half of which have never seen combat, yet still believe Irons are more effective than fast acquisition sights (RDS, Holos.. etc)

AR purists. Half of which have never seen combat, yet still believe it's the most accurate rifle in the world.

G36 purists. Two thirds of which have never seen combat, or have held this weapon.

HK Purists. HK isn't the best mfg, ya know.

Bad-ass drunk infantry (don't know which unit...) fuckers. Stop staring me down on the bus, or in the subway. Just because you're wearing a uniform, doesn't mean I can't punch you in the face.

Stupid fuckers who only join the forces to "kill shit", and get their "dick wet".

People who bash PTWs. WHO THE FUCK CARES. Stop randomly messaging me and saying PTWs suck. I don't care. I really fuckin' forced myself to work all those hours, and get shit saved up for it. To me, it isn't about the performance. It's the dedication, and commitment it represents. And I'm not a fucking fan boy.

People with too many pet peeves.

People who are too quick to judge others based on facial piercings (I like mine, fuck you.) , and tats (like that too, so fuck off)..

People who think airsoft is "ghey", or for "phaggots".

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