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One major thing I see ALOT lately is people on this site who ARENT moderators or admins act as if... yes you all act as if you run this site when the fact is you dont. Hitman may be underage with airsoft, but does it really bother you that much? is he the one on CNN that took pot shots at curbogoers, got shot for public mischief, NO hes not. Lay off, ignore, I know its hard but honestly, you stop posting, they stop posting. Formula that will work if let be.

Now I know Hitman has responded to alot of serious questions with very wrong info, so 2 things, politley respond saying not correct, heres correct answer(done and noted) and do not flame the living e shit out of him... your not gaining anyting by it then a nice vacation from ASC.

One thing I will say with respect and no disrespect meant, Mr Hitman, please do not act all cocky and think you are safe doing so because as you put it "not breaking rules" you are technically breaking the law, ASC policy, ect/ I dont care, but when you act all big and mightly because you get away with it, just spurs on the flamers. You dont do that, they wont come out either. deal?

Good night.
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