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Christian why does it say banned underneath "LeGros" Did you do something wrong? LOL

Ok as promised I have just received and tested my JG M5 Navy.

First Impression In The Box

This is a well put together package. Everything arrived virtually unscathed. There was a slight scratch on the body because the magazine had escaped the confines of its placeholder and had rubbed against the body. Blame on that has to go to Canada Post.

The M5 Navy is a good looking weapon and the box and contents display it in a very professional manner.

Weapon Review.

The JG M5 Navy is a sturdy heavy weapon. Right from the moment that I picked it up I recognized quality. There are no sharp edges on the RIS and the whole gun is just strong and tight.

What was impressive is the quality and fit of the metal components. The magazine is well built and it feeds perfectly.

The only very slightly negative comment is that the battery fits too tightly in the handle and it is a bitch to assemble and remove. Battery placement in the handle is a great idea but it could have been made just a bit better to facilitate easier installation and removal.

The AEG feels sturdier to me than its TM counterpart.

Speaking of TM, JG did nothing to make the selector switch any better than the TM. This component has always bugged me on TM MP5's and the JG is not any better.

The JG M5 Navy has a high rate of fire using the 8.4 1100 mAh battery that was supplied with the weapon. I did not chrono the gun but experience tells me that this gun shoots at around 350 fps right out of the box. My gun proved to highly accurate at close range (30+ feet). The mech box sounds right to my ears and I did not experience any glitches whatsoever.

The hop-up works as it should. The gun is accurate in every detail and well balanced.

Overall without the benefit of gaming this gun or disassembling it I would rate this gun based on first impressions and a 45 minute test (semi and full auto) in an indoor range, as a 9.5 out of 10.

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