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Originally Posted by matt491 View Post
When people don't call hits, but ESPECIALLY when you SEE them flinch! Had it happen SO many times at games. I'll SEE a guy physically flinch so I KNOW I hit him and nothing, so i light him up again and he STILL doesn't call it, so i have to yell across the field, "CALL YOUR GOD DAMN HITS" and light them up AGAIN, giving away my position. I get shot because I yelled at them, and they STILL don't leave the field, so I have to chew them out OFF the field and they're STILL all, "You never hit me, I don't know what you're talking about" :banghead:
Try being a sniper, seeing the track of the BB, the hit, the bounce, the reaction............. all through a 3-9x40 scope, then see them look around and go back to fighting................... and you being in your ghillie not even 150ft away from his team fighting elsewhere................ frustrating, is why I decided to just call my kills as I make them, two to three shots on the same guy because he's not calling hits adds up to two to three kills on him, just embarrass him later int he staging area or online "I got some really sweet kills on your today, hit you here, here and here from XXX distance away." "Huh? I made it all day without getting shot once!" "Well, that's expected if yo udont' call your hits, I saw each and every one on you within a couple minutes, you reacted the same way, so kills for me, sucks to be you." Works best when he's around others.
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