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Alright, I'm gonna nip this in the butt right now

first off i guess i should let the cat out of the bag and get the flaming over with.

I work there, yaya i know, but a jobs a job and i was in need of money so last week i said why not, and well boom i got a job now yay me.

anyways, seeing as I'm buddy's with one of the other guys who works there i would come by from time to time to chat with him and stuff, airsoft came up afew times.

Jeff has many times asked me about airsoft and the likes. He told me that he has a friend who has afew TM guns that he may buy off him and do his normal Hero thing and turn them around and sell them at an even more inflated price.

i know that he has been after me to get him guns to sell but I'm gonna state right now that i have no intention on doing so, for afew reasons.

1 i want to leave the selling to competent ppl who know what there doing and will actualy have fair prices
2 any guns i buy i like to keep for myself
3 i don't wanna be involved in anything that may happen when the DRP find out that he has airsoft.
4 i don't want my ASC account to be used to buy and then resell airsoft guns at inflated prices

either way i do my best to nail into his skull that airsoft is kinda off limits and that he wont be able to actualy make money off it, and told him to stick to paintball

and before the Toronto guys flame me to death, ya his prices are to damn high, and id never buy from him, but everyone needs a job right? and it just so happens that this job is actualy fairly cool, seeing as all i do all day is talk army and paintball.
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