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Airsoft "Pet Peeves", time to vent guys!

I only thought of this topic about 20mins ago, because "I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide" as a gun tech (anyone that can ID that song in quotes, who wrote it, which year and album......... winner will get his post quoted and my typing *****! in large font) I just opened a client's gun case only to find BBs rolling around everywhere! Musta pulled out about two dozen 0.25g Bbs from it. Drives me nuts, but largely because its so common and I've found numerous BBs stuck in magwells, between the lower receiver and the mechbox, in foregrips, etc. DON'T DO THAT!!!! Imagine your AEG was a real steel version, would you use your gun case to store little bits and peices, small screws, springs, etc.? Umm, no you wouldn't. So don't treat your AEG like that.

Also, as far as airsofters go, those who hide behind little trees, get lit up through the trees, then shoot back like nothing happpened.

Those who set their guns up for long range shooting, tend to remind me of fishermen when it comes to range estimation. I remember Droc telling me about his making fun of some dumbass he was on a small berm with, the guy had a STOCK TM PSG1, he said the little retard was shooting off shots at at guy 300ft away, then was complaining the guy wasn't calling his hits. Droc said he saw the guy's BBs were falling less than 150ft away and the guy wasn't even lobing, he had crosshairs dead on the target. And from my own experience, talking to guys who talk about ranges they've shot people at, "Ya, 250ft easy!", so I might ask them to point at something 250ft away, they do, I walk it out, only to find what they pointed at was only 140ft away.

Ok, your turn, I'm going back to rewiring a mechbox now.

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