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Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
the funny thing is that It's completely made in China but it has a Japanese/Chinese manual.
The manual is English and Chinese only. The takedown guide includes Japanese as well.

Originally Posted by Zeaken View Post
Thats a really nice touch with the parrellel wiring job. Will the stock compartment fit a 9.6v large or just an 8.4v or for some...the dreaded 7.2
It takes a large size battery, but not the standard size one. It's the one with the 'offset cell'. Sorry, don't know what they're called.

Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
Good Review. Cant wait for mine to get in
Ooooo... you're getting one too. You getting the full stock, or folding? You getting it from Hellfire too?

Originally Posted by ShaWdowS View Post
Awesome review. Awesome rifle! Love the capability to use 2 batteries.
It makes so much sense, it's ridiculous how no one else has thought of it...

BTW where'd you order if from?
Yeah, the dual battery thing is a nice touch. I have 2 8.4V stick batteries - 1500 mAh and 1800 mAh, so I wouldn't ever need more than 1. I could see if someone was playign an extended game wiht 600 mAh batteries, it would be useful. I think I may consider ditching the 8.4V completely though and go for a 9.6V instead. I didn't realize there would be that much space for a bettery internally.

As for where I got it, scroll up a bit and all will be answered...

Originally Posted by scooterboy View Post
nice review and good to hear you got it thru safely, as an old saying goes the quality will remain long after the price is forgotten
Well, I didn't get it through myself, but I too am glad it made it into Canada ok. I can't get enough of this gun and how well it's built all around. This is a level of quality in a league of its own. Now, I can't speak of durability, since I've had it less than 24 hours at this point, but I would be really surprised to ever have any real problems with this gun.

Originally Posted by pawscal View Post
Cool!, Cant wait for the Japanese to clone it LOL
Well, I would think even the Japanese who had 'perfected' AEGs could take some good lessons from Real Sword. From all I read about RS, they were out to prove that you could get stupidly high quality airsoft from China at a reasonable price. I believe they attained their goal.

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