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I have spent literally every penny just about that I've made in my entire life on airsoft at one point or another. But I get it back when I sell out or sell new stuff or ...ya. I've got about $1500 in guns and gear currently to my name. My cash flow goes in and out of it which is perpetuated by my emotions.

Seriously, my emotions rarely drive anything for me, but for airsoft that's all it is. I fall in love with a gun one day after viewing it or fondling it at a game and I must have it. I the usually get bored of it and sell it to fund a new love. Sometimes I look back and feel dispare towards a love I have parted with which has led to the repurchase of such guns as a G36C, MP5 A2 and an M9.

I've often had lust with certain guns and gear too. I purchased a rather pricey vest at one point because it looked sexy only to find I hate wearing tac vests. I had a P90 on two occasions for only days or weeks before losing intrest and breaking up with it.

Some guns are really pretty on the outside but they're nasty on the inside I warn you. They are know as bitches.

I still long for true love with the perfect gun. I think I've found true LUST with my SPAS 12 with folding stock as it's so sexy and rare, I can't see myself ever getting rid of it.
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