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Originally Posted by cloves View Post
Mcguyver, thanks for your post, i'm begining to grasp the scope of what we're dealing with here.

the thing becomes apparent that I could legally obtain a real working firearm in a much easier fashion than an airsoft marker. And that just makes no sense to me.
It does make no sense to us.. responsible users of replica firearms.. but to the police the only relevant use of a replica firearm is as a place holder for a real gun to be used for nefarious ends. The current laws are designed to limit the proliferation of replicas in the population to limit the access to "fake guns"
This is exactly why all enforcement action is on the import and retail end of the equation..

In the UK the written in defense against the prohibition for possession and trade in replicas was put in place at the same time as the law prohibiting them. In Canada that law has been in force now for a decade.. getting an amendment now to allow trade in certain circumstances is not going to happen.

At least here the mere possession of replicas is not an offense as it is in the UK.
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